Sep 11, 2013

11 Signs That You Are A Hopelessly Romantic Sports Fan

You really can't choose who you love. And when you find "the one", you don't just scram when the going gets tough (or the tough get's going). Having a favorite team or athlete is like falling in love. You just ride the whole gamut of emotions with them. As a tennis fan, I can go from really happy to really frustrated to overflowing with joy to being in the depths of depression in a matter of seconds. 

So this list is for people like me (I know that I'm not the only one) who feverishly support teams and/or athletes that are: (a) going through tough times, (b) headcases, (c) allergic to winning and (d) all of the above. Here's to us crazy ones!

1) You are very rational when it comes to evaluating the competition.
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2) You use your superhuman jinxing abilities to help your fave.

3) But you always end up jinxing them instead.
4) This is what you look like before a match.
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5) This is you during a match.
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6) This is you after a really good win.
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7) This is you after a very bad loss.

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8) This is you the day after a very bad loss.
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9) You can relate to this quote from The Matrix Reloaded: "Hope. It is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness." 
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10) But you still have nothing but love for your fave.
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11) And you will continue to believe in them no matter what.

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